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Over hill and dale on the single trail through the Winterberg ski lift carousel


Relaxed with ours
Cycle e-bikes through beautiful nature and enjoy the views


Up and down the mountains on a mountain bike. A trip crisscrossing the Sauerland.

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Man jumps with MTB in the forest against the light - mountain bike rental Klante-Winterberg

go beyond your limits

1 km

Bike park-
1 km

Bike Arena
1 km

Trail park

our bikes:

E-Track 27+

available for rent at Herrloh

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The E-Track 27+ is a hardtail E-MTB with great performance for both easy climbs and energetic descents.

Hybride ASX

available for rent at Herrloh

Get out of the house, get on the bike, switch on the engine and switch off. If you are looking for a reliable fully for alpine adventures, then the HYBRIDE ASX is the right E-MTB for you.

E-Track Junior 24

available for rent at Herrloh

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The Bike E-Track Junior 24 for children is an agile, manoeuvrable and fast fun machine for our little trail pilots. Both on longer tours and on demanding terrain.

Hyb. Lector S6.7+ LC

available for rent at Herrloh

What happens when man and machine join forces? It’s getting down to business! Our HYBRIDE LECTOR Line does not deny its racing genes – on the contrary, it increases performance!

Auric 27.5 LT 1.5

available in the Schneewittchenhaus rental

Built for the descent: the Auric 1.5 LT scores with high lateral rigidity and agile handling downhill.

If you have no experience with steel suspension, you can look forward to a real “Aha!” experience:

In combination with the patented MLink rear triangle, the shock absorbs all bumps so softly that your self-confidence gets a real boost. A mountain bike that is second to none.