Allgemeine Mietbedingungenfür E-Bikes

  1. conclusion of contract
    The rental contract is concluded between the customer making the reservation (hereinafter referred to as the renter) and Bike-Klante, Klante GbR, Am Waltenberg 46, 59955 Winterberg (hereinafter referred to as the lessor) from whom the equipment is rented. The rental takes place exclusively under the following conditions
  2. When booking online
    The rental price is to be paid in full online and can be made using PayPal or a credit card. The “online booking prices” shown on the lessor’s website apply as prices for the desired equipment or equipment category. The booking becomes valid for the tenant with the online payment and receipt of the booking confirmation; for the landlord upon receipt of the booking confirmation.
  3. Withdrawal Policy / Cancellation
    A booking can only be canceled as a result of illness, accident or other serious reasons (e.g. death of close relatives or relatives traveling with them). In dat geval wordt een bedrag van 10€ per persoon in rekening gebracht. The landlord must be notified of the cancellation in writing. No rental refund will be given if the equipment is delayed in receipt by the renter or cannot be received at all for any other reason. The same applies if the lessee returns the e-bike and/or protective equipment to the lessor prematurely. Unfavorable weather or other hindrances that are not within the landlord’s control do not entitle the booking to be canceled. In the event of injury or illness of the lessee during the rental period, the following regulation applies upon presentation of a medical certificate: a) A refund of the rental price is only possible if the rental material is returned to the lessor immediately after the injury or illness occurs b) If point a ) is met, the overpaid rent will be refunded from the date of issue of the medical certificate. No reimbursement is possible without a medical certificate. c) As soon as the landlord is aware of a case and points a) and b) are fulfilled, he immediately transfers the rent already paid.
  4. Equipment pickup and drop-off
    The renter must present an official photo ID (e.g. passport, identity card or driver’s license) in the rental shop. He agrees that a copy of this document may be made. The rented sports equipment must be returned on the last day of the agreed rental period before close of business. In the case of a longer period of use, the difference between the rental period actually used and the reserved or paid rental period will be calculated at the usual local rental conditions and is payable directly on site.
  5. Exchange
    The rented sports equipment can be exchanged at any time. If sports equipment from a higher category is used, the surcharge must be paid according to the price list. When changing to a lower category, no money will be refunded.
  6. Use
    The renter is fully responsible for the rented equipment and only has to use it carefully in accordance with its function and conditions of use. At the beginning, the renter receives instruction on the proper handling of the bicycle, after which the e-bike is only handed over when no more questions are left unanswered. With the signature, the renter agrees to the professional adjustment of the saddle height, brakes and bike geometry, according to the personal information. The lessee must notify the lessor immediately of any defects or damage to the equipment. If such a notification is not made, the renter is liable for all further costs arising from the non-notification, in particular personal injury and property damage to third parties. If the sports equipment is already defective when it is rented, the rental shop can – if it cannot remedy the defect – exchange the sports equipment or withdraw from the contract. The sports equipment may not be passed on to third parties. By signing the check-in ticket, the tenant confirms that his personal data is correct, that he accepts the general rental conditions and that the rental property is in perfect condition. The rental object is not insured. The renter must ensure that the bicycle is stored in such a way that confusion, damage or theft is prevented. During the night, the bike must be kept in a locked room in the accommodation, in the rental company’s bike depot or in a locked car.
  7. Loss
    In the event of theft or an accident, the lessee must report this to the responsible security authority within 24 hours and report this to the lessor. NOTE: Personal liability insurance policies often include a “custody clause”. It excludes liability claims for damage to third-party property that policyholders have rented, leased or borrowed. In the event of theft, breakage or damage due to improper use, the renter is liable for the current value or the repair costs. If the rented bike is not returned on time without good reason, the renter must expect that a complaint will be made against him for theft or embezzlement.
  8. Privacy
    Personal data that you provide on this website will only be used to process the contract that has come about, in compliance with the applicable national and European regulations (data protection). In any case, the landlord will keep your data confidential and will not sell, rent or make it available to third parties.
  9. Consent
    By signing the present General Rental Conditions, the renter expressly confirms that they have received and taken note of the above information. The lessee therefore gives his consent to the processing, including the transmission and processing of his data by the lessor within the framework of the said information, with regard to the purpose contained therein. The contract becomes fully valid after signing. The contract is not transferable to other persons.
  10. Place of jurisdiction
    For all legal disputes in connection with or in relation to bookings with the landlord, German law applies exclusively and the national courts in Germany are exclusively responsible. Liability for the lessor that goes beyond the reservation is excluded. The place of jurisdiction is Medebach.